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    The Jacqueline Cochran Air Show is an annual event held in the town of Thermal honoring Coachella Valley resident and legendary female pilot, Jacqueline Cochran.

    Riverside offers a variety of community theatre and visual arts resources including: The Riverside Community Players has performed for and with the public since 1925, and since 1953 in its unique round theatre space. The Riverside County Philharmonic has performed masterpiece and modern symphonies for the Inland Empire community since 1959 at the Fox Performing Arts Center. The California Riverside Ballet is a unique organization that features many well-known directors and dancers alike, and has been performing for the public since 1969.

    The Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival celebrates the annual date harvest, one of the area's biggest crops. The Coachella Valley area actually supplies the country with over 90% of its dates! Activities at the fair include live music, a demolition derby, farm animals, camel and ostrich races, and a pageant contest.